Before I took Sue’s Workshop I had not that much experience performing on stage. I was very shy about singing in range of people listening in and up until that point I had been keeping my voice to myself. On day one of the class I immediately felt right at home, so I got up first to sing. Sue just has a way of making people feel at ease.

Sue helped me to ground myself while I was on stage. I learned to channel my voice and control my movements on stage so that I was present. Her instructions helped me to build a stronger connection between the song and the audience so that I could share with the people in the room. 

It was a pleasure to see not just myself but everyone in the class grow in their musical abilities. Sue is very effective at instilling confidence in people and getting them to progress in their development. The Performance workshop is the ideal environment to take risks and to be bold. It's a great setting to receive honest feedback and to grow as an artist.

I had lots of fun! I highly recommend this workshop, Jump in and do it!


19 NOVEMBER 2018

I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have been teaching me, I am so grateful. When I started my voice was very fatigued due to the wrong techniques that I did overtime and my confidence was not at its best, but your lessons have opened up another world for me, I really respect my voice and the art of singing knowing what you have taught me, every time I am on stage I am more confident in myself and my vocal performance because of you. Thank you

Rcadia 🌹

2 august 2018

I have been taking singing lessons from Sue for the last 18 months. I went to Sue on the recommendation of a friend, and Sue has proved to be very knowledgeable and patient. Lessons with her are fun, and most importantly, under her guidance there has been a great improvement in my singing! I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to anyone looking for a singing teacher.

Steven Standing

Barrister and Accredited Mediator, 3 April 2017

My appetite for performance had been whetted after being on stage as part of a premiere of a string quartet work I'd written for the Australian Art Quartet's 2016 season. I came to see Sue based on recommendations and her bio. Sue helped me tune into what was happening with my voice, and gently led me through various techniques to help me discover details about my voice I'd never been aware of. From these discoveries we worked on training for specific songs I'd go on to perform in Sydney as part of some physical theatre projects, and built a training routine and every-day habits to continuously develop my voice. With her help, my voice is becoming the unique, versatile instrument that I need for the expressive musical and non-musical vocalisations required by my composition and performance projects. Sue is a great voice teacher to work with, and I can't recommend her enough. 

Andrew Batt-Rawden

Composer, Performer, Publisher of Limelight Magazine , 12 March 2017

My progression from student to teacher has been challenging and awesome! The success I had as a student, combined with the vision of the global teaching community gave me confidence to pursue teaching as a career choice. The teaching program has been outstanding and equipped me to successfully coach a huge range of voices. It is not unusual to have student loyalty for years at a time. 

It is a simple process but not easy. At times you think you have the answers, and then very quickly you come crashing back to Earth again. Even today, after 7 1/2 years in the teacher training program, I still have moments of inadequacy and struggle with confidence in my teaching, however, students are drawn not only to the results in their voice, but also to my commitment to them. They are not seeking a perfect coach. I’ve had lessons with Seth Riggs himself and when I listen back they were not perfect either and he would not claim to be the perfect teacher either.

The method is fantastic, however I owe a great deal to Sue’s commitment and hard work in establishing a supportive environment to grow. She has been generous with her home as well as referring students to help build my business. Sue has kept the pulse of IVA going through some very challenging times not only in her own life, but also in a gigantic organisational shift. I do not hesitate for a second to not only recommend IVA as the foundation for a career path in Vocal Coaching, but also in Sue as a supportive and encouraging person who will help you to thrive as a teacher, business owner and grow as a person. Sue is fiercely loyal.

The IVA method is highly effective,plainly scientific, and endorsed by some of the most successful singers in the world. Don’t wait for the perfect time to become involved, just do it. You won’t regret it. “

Simon Robinson

IVA Teacher , 12 May 2015 

"I commenced singing with Sue about 3 years ago. In that time I saw my voice evolve incredibly. Sue taught me that I didn't need to push for the notes. She helped me refine my technique and become a stronger, more relaxed singer. Sue is passionate about what she does and is there to help along every step of the way.  I truly can not thank Sue enough for the time and effort she put in to my voice."

Sharmain Kendrick

Country music singer and songwriter , 3 May 2015

My lessons with Sue have impacted my singing career and life more than i ever thought possible... Alongside the phenomenal technical skills and experience she holds, Sue has taken the time to see me, the whole person.. and challenged me to push through the fear that stops so many of us doing what truly makes us happy. And now, i sing... Thank you Sue.

Fiona Rea  

Them Little Secrets and Sparrow , 21 July 2013

I've been studying vocal technique with Sue for eight years now, and in the time that has passed I have had the most amazing journey getting to know my voice, and working toward using it in ways I'd never dreamed of when I first started. 

Eight years ago I began with nodules large enough to have stopped me from singing live for close to three years, in that time and the years following my recovery, Sue guided and taught me how to overcome using my voice in a way that was damaging, so much so that I'm touring almost all year round and singing with both technique and passion as well as having an increased and strong range.  I sincerely feel that I couldn't have achieved this without someone that was invested in my recovery and had faith in my art and talent enough to see the bigger picture. Sue had the foresight, skill and genuine nature through both the struggles and every small win that would lead me to this point, i.e. being a happy and successful original songwriter and singer.  

Bex Chilcott

Ruby Boots , 3 July 2014

'Sue Kingham is a superb singing teacher, who inspired confidence in me as she carefully showed me how to get the best out of my voice. I had been singing for quite a while before having lessons, but both the great improvement in my voice, and the ease with which I now sing, are testament to the IVA technique and Sue's remarkable skill in making it work for me. She also has a great sense of humour.'

Dr Jon Watts  

2 July 2013

I was the kid who was asked to mouth the words , not actually sing. I was the kid who was told ' you really can't sing can you ' . By the time I hit my early teens I accepted the verdict and stopped singing.  Altogether.  I rarely sang with the radio, in the shower or anywhere. I had never heard my parents sing or anyone else, other than the odd LP record or a group of people in church.

50 years later, I wondered if it was possible to learn to sing. A common throw away line relating to singing is ' you've got the talent or you haven't' . I clearly hadn't. But I thought maybe, just maybe,  singing  is a learnable skill . So I decided to give myself a personal challenge. After a bit of googling I rang Sue , an IVAsinging teacher, because it sounded like a natural method and was based on a speech level approach. I already knew I could talk ok.

I was REAL nervous having NO idea of what to expect and what a singing lesson would involve. Sue asked me to do some vocalising with the keyboard. Another challenge . Trying to listen and match the note. What I heard in my head and what came out of my mouth was so mismatched that my confusion deepened.

But I was sooo  glad that I had chosen to start this journey with Sue. She knew exactly what was going on and would vocalise for me . Now that was easier. Hearing the human voice made more sense to my non musical brain. And slowly , slowly we made progress.

There were many basics Sue had to work on with me but what fascinated me was how she would know which vocalising exercises would teach  the vocal chords what they needed. She was very patient and consistent. Then she would stretch me a little further with a different exercise. At first it didn't make sense but now I can understand what and why she has taken the approach she did. I am impressed at her ' diagnostic skills' and how she is developing my voice. It really is a work in progress and I look forward to lessons now.  Each week something else ' clicks'.

It's exciting. Now I am singing around the house ALL the time. It is a gift to give someone their ' singing voice' . Not everyone who sings can teach others. It takes the right set of skills, knowledge and personality to teach something like singing. Sue is still a student of her own voice even though she has performed for many years. I think a good teacher needs also to keep learning themselves .

How lucky I have been to start with Sue. I have the utmost confidence that no matter where anyone is in the development of their own voice,  Sue's diagnostic and consistent natural approach will be a real asset...

  ps... you really can learn to sing !

Simona Willis  

1 July 2013