SKVS performance workshop

ANNOUNCING performance workshop NO. 2 for 2019

Dates are Mondays from 7th oct to 2nd dec.

now culminating with a performance!

2019 update

The SKVS first Performance Workshop for 2019 was an outstanding success. It ran for 8 weeks and the final week culminated in a performance for family and friends. There is nothing like a friendly and supportive audience and the students astounded me with their growth and their final performances. It was a thoroughly rewarding experience for everyone involved!

I am now taking bookings for a second 8 week Performance Workshop to take place on Monday evenings from the 7th October to the 2nd December with a break on Monday 4th November. The concert will take place on Monday 2nd December. Please contact me via the contact form if you are interested.

This class is always a joy and an honour to teach. I get so much pleasure watching students rise to the challenges before them and take risks to grow. I love that the class members become supportive for each other, applaud the successes of their classmates, and cheer each other on when it’s a struggle. I am excited to launch 2019’s second Performance Workshop for the year. If you’re interested in participating contact SKVS now as some of the spots are already filled. 

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone".


I really enjoyed my first experience with Sues workshop, so I came back for round two! 

These workshops are light-hearted, fun and non-threatening - but challenging all at the same time. There is so much value packed into them. 
I enjoy the way these groups are focused on growth and moving past your comfort zone. I enjoyed making new friends and being a source of strength and encouragement to others, I enjoyed having the opportunity to develop confidence in myself.  
This time we took things a step further and performed to a live Audience at the end of the workshop. I’m so grateful I accepted the challenge! 

The performance workshop is a great platform to fail freely, grow, learn and understand what you’re doing currently & how to better yourself! My 3rd workshop... Obviously I’m Paying the money for good reason!
This was my first SKVS Performance Workshop with Sue and I was nervous about performing in front of others but quickly realised this was a safe, nurturing environment. It proved to be productive, beyond anything I could have imagined and has given me greater confidence with performance and an excellent platform to take my vocal ability forward.



The objective of the SKVS Performance Workshop is to provide a unique opportunity for singers to practice performing, or simply give them a taste of what performing is like. You have been working hard on your vocals and now you want to try your skills out on a stage but you're not quite ready to take the plunge in public. Performing your songs adds a whole other dimension to your vocal technique and enriches and adds to your growth as a singer.

This class is designed to be a safe environment so that you will be able to take risks and work through your performance goals. Each performer must go on their own unique journey to figure out who they want to be on stage. I have numerous effective techniques and exercises that will help you to work towards your performance goals. Whilst the focus of this class is not on vocal technique, should you need direction during the workshop, as an IVA Mentor Instructor and Ambassador I can draw on my expertise to guide you in using your vocal technique in performance situations.


You SING!!!

The Sue Kingham Vocal Performance Workshop has given me a burst of energy and confidence in life! I have always loved to sing and this gave me the opportunity to get up and learn how to use a microphone, perform on stage in front of an audience, make new friends and have a blast at the same time. It has helped me personally with my anxiety issues and I can’t wait until the next one. Sue is a fantastic teacher and I recommend the SKVP workshop highly!

Each student of the workshop will get up to perform every week. We workshop your song by practicing exercises that I’ll give you throughout the course and participating in feedback. You gain valuable insight, not only from your own performance but from watching the video of your own work and observing the growth of the other students. It is integral to this class that each participant is encouraged to find their own personal and unique place on stage.

Throughout the sessions we will work on dealing with nerves before and during performance, communicating the meaning, lyrics and intention of the song, getting physical on stage, figuring out who you are as a performer, mic technique and much more.


You need 6 songs with backing tracks on either a smart phone, an iPad or lap top. You MUST be able to sing the melody and the lyrics from memory. There will be a guitar amp and a keyboard available if you want to accompany yourself. You need to bring 2 devices so that you can be filmed whilst performing. This is for your eyes only and is imperative to your growth.

Amazing experience! I had never sung on my own in front of anyone before until this course and wanted to learn how to deal with my nerves. This lady knows her stuff and will get you where you need to go. A must for vocalists of all skill levels from beginners to the very experienced. The perfect environment to try new things. I improved so much in a short time and can’t wait to do more!


Venue: Vision Studios in Victoria Park

14/12 Milford St, East Victoria Park, WA 

Dates: Monday evenings 7pm to 9:30pm


8 Weeks - NEW DATES are Monday evenings from 7pm to 9:30 pm commencing 7th October to 2nd December with a break week on the 4th November. The final concert will take place on the Monday 2nd December.

There are only 12 places available to participate in the Workshop. That is so I can spend quality time with everyone who attends the class, every week of the workshop. Get in quick to secure your place!

The age requirement is 15 years and up. 

The price of the course is $430. Payment plans are available but payment must be completed before course commencement.


To register your interest in the SKVS Performance Workshop, contact Sue by emailing or by filling out the form below.

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